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02/21/18 at 04:22:41
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Great symposium! (Read 1206 times)
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Great symposium!
03/03/08 at 08:59:30
Thanks, Lynn, Allen, Mike, Lori and all the rest of IS Tech Support for a very informative and fun symposium.  Although I lost more $$ than I meant to!
Thanks, Tim for your presentation on Sugar CRM, Terminal Services, Pervasive and speeding up.  And thanks, Charlie at AbeTech for your information on Bar Code Scanners.
I came back with lots to do!  Now if I can just get to it.
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Cathy Hamilton
Wing Inflatables, Inc.
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Re: Great symposium!
Reply #1 - 03/03/08 at 09:21:06
Same goes for me--great user symposium, I have LOTS of info for the folks here, have already shared some of it on the RMA S/R module.  It will be nice to be able to create some custom grids, too.  The notes will be good, but already the big issue is accessing them via Crystal Reports--we would need to and we can't because you can't get to them via ODBC. So if Colin figures out how to modify the DFFs so this can be done, that would be excellent!
I have to say although the symposium was great, I'd not attend one again in Las Vegas. I don't smoke or gamble, and so there was not much else for me to do.  I did get to go to the Hoover Dam on Saturday, and that was interesting.  The strip, while interesting at night, was actually pretty disgusting in many, many ways.  
I would not recommend going to Las Vegas.
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Val Feehan
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Re: Great symposium!
Reply #2 - 03/03/08 at 11:08:00
Thank you all to who were there.
  We had fun doing the Symposium and will do more in the future.. My vote for next February is to do it in Hawaii or Cancun...  Grin  
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Allen Landry

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Thanks, Lynn and
Allen and Lori!

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Re: Great symposium!
Reply #3 - 03/03/08 at 14:35:11
I attended all five days - training and symposium. I enjoyed every day of it.  I learned a lot about DBA and Evo.  It was certainly worth the investment.  It was also a real treat to meet Lynn and Allen finally.  
Being able to meet others that use Evo and discuss how they use the programs in their different applications was invaluable to me.  The classes on the RTMs took the mystery out of changing the forms.  The drill downs used to scare me, but now I feel that it is something that will be very useful here.
Thanks again and it was nice to meet all in attendance.
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Charlene Keith
Hillco Technologies, Inc.
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