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01/23/18 at 14:39:02
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Pervasive SQL 2000i SP3:how install under Win7? (Read 14352 times)
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Pervasive SQL 2000i SP3:how install under Win7?
02/16/10 at 08:44:51
I'm having problem to install Pervasive Sql 2000i under the S.O. Windows 7.
When I run the setup, after few steps an error windows write me:
setup requires a different version of windows. check to make sure that you are running setup on the windows platform for wich it is intended. error 102
Does anyone know how can I solve this problem?
Thank you in advance for your help!
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Re: Pervasive SQL 2000i SP3:how install under Win7
Reply #1 - 03/08/10 at 15:48:35
Did you ever get an answer to this one?  
Windows 7 is starting to rear it's ugly little head around here and I will have to do this soon so any info would be greatly appreciated!  
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Re: Pervasive SQL 2000i SP3:how install under Win7
Reply #2 - 08/15/10 at 08:25:31
PSQL 2000i is not supported on Windows 7 (in fact it is no longer supported at all by Pervasive).  I have heard of a few people getting it to install but not without jumping through a bunch of hoops to bypass security in Win 7 that PSQL 2000 doesn't know how to handle.  The real answer is to upgrade to PSQL 10.3 which is supported on Windows 7.  See http://www.pervasivedb.com/Database/Products/PSQLv10/Pages/v10SystemRequirements .aspx for PSQL 10 Operating system compatibility.  Pervasive upgrades are available from IS Tech Support.
Also see http://www.istechforum.com/YaBB.pl?num=1198270833 for more information about upgrading to PSQL 10.  If you are only using it for DBA/Evo and do not have ODBC set up for Crystal Reports or other things, it is a straightforward upgrade.
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Lynn Pantic
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Re: Pervasive SQL 2000i SP3:how install under Win7
Reply #3 - 03/14/11 at 12:08:49
OLD OLD topic, but in case anyone comes poking around, I just wanted to say we have no problem running Evo on Win7 with PSQL 2000i SP3.
One thing I will mention is we insist on using Win7 32-bit as we run a Paradox 3.0 dB (16-bit, and Win x64 does not run 16-bit apps), Don't know if that's a big deal, but I've setup several systems that haven't had any issues so far.
As for how we set it up, I just browse to the server PVSV folder (Usually mapped to g:\pvsv) > Clients > Win, and run Setup.exe. After Pervasive installs, run EvoERP.EXE as admin from the Evo server folder.
Install goes normally, but make sure you're logged into an admin account on your client so there's no permission muck-ups.
We are considering migrating to Pervasive v10 as our license needs have increased, but until that happens 2000i seems to do the trick (for now).
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