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02/21/18 at 04:12:30
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Manual Check voucher problems (Read 446 times)

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Manual Check voucher problems
03/19/14 at 09:53:29
Good afternoon!
Quick intro, my name is Monica, and I'm tech support for a small manufacturing company.  We have just moved from DBA Classic to Evo, running Windows 7 Pro on the clients, Windows XP is on our DBA server.  We've been having some sporadic issues with the manual check entry in AP-B.  Monday, the AP person printed, for the first time in Evo, a manual check, and everything went normally, with the expected pop-up boxes, and the check printed fine, then an error popped up, stating that an entry was not found in the GL account, and the check was moved to the default clearing 99999 account.  We managed to clean that up, but couldn't find a reason why it had done that.  Yesterday, we had the opportunity to print another manual check, and it was completely normal, so we thought perhaps it was a first-time glitch or something.  undecided
Today, however, a similar occurrence has us worried.  This time, there was no pop-up choice for the bank, it created a new bank, 0, and threw the check to the default clearing account again.  Our main AP person tried to do it on her computer, thinking perhaps something was wrong with the first person's computer, with the same results, but this time, it has actually posted to the vendor's account, with no bank. Shocked
Now, we have two bank 0's.  That was how it was all described to me, and I can't find anything on why it would have done this.  If I can provide any further information, please ask.  Thank you for any advice anyone can give.
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