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01/23/18 at 14:34:18
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Traveler not printing BOM notes with BOM listing (Read 95 times)

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Traveler not printing BOM notes with BOM listing
08/25/17 at 14:08:37
In looking at ENWOC1.RTM it calls for is.note.note under the BOM details but it is not printing them there.
It does print BOM notes up front under NOTES section if the BOM notes are selected on the print request. I would prefer only WONOTES to print in that spot.
In looking at an old traveler the BOM notes printed above the BOM components listing on the last page. Were they coming from the older version of WOBOM? Does this mean the Work Order creation is not copying the BOM notes over to the WOBOM?
Another question - how does the RTM know which notes to print since the callout is simply is.note.notes?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Liz Odell
EVOERP v2017-2
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Liz Odell
B&G Electronic Assembly, Inc.
EVO/ERP v2016.2, updt 08/17/16 10 User

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