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01/23/18 at 14:40:30
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"Default Menus" Blank Versis "N" For The Answer (Read 798 times)

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"Default Menus" Blank Versis "N" For The Answer
09/08/17 at 22:28:10
Hello All,
On the default menus does it make a difference in the processing speed or searching speed when
you put an "N" instead of leaving them blank? I put an "N" for the ones that I'm not using?
On the training videos they show them blank if your not using them.
Thanks, Scott
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Re: "Default Menus" Blank Versis "N" For The Answe
Reply #1 - 09/09/17 at 12:34:18
Depending on the setting blank is treated the same as one of the settings that can be entered so it makes no difference.  Generally blank means the new feature will behave no differently than the prior version of the program before the new feature was added.
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Lynn Pantic
IS Tech Support
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