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02/21/18 at 04:10:21
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JC-J  report ...not all have machine numbers? (Read 239 times)
Laura Oliver
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JC-J  report ...not all have machine numbers?
10/10/17 at 15:45:04
I ran JC-J because I am trying to find out how many hours a certain employee ran each machine.    For the most part it works great but I have some hours that show no machine.(?)
I sorted these by work orders and have narrowed it down the problems.  
All our labor transactions are manually entered.  99.9% of the time the machine number  comes from the Work Order.    Occasionally we will  have to change the machine number but that is rare.    The machine  number WAS there when we entered the labor transactions.  The machine number shows up in WOLABOR in the database, but for some unknown reason JC-J is not understanding the machine number because I have some transactions that look like they were not entered with a machine number......but they were.  
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