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02/21/18 at 04:20:45
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time needed to install updates? (Read 132 times)
Laura Oliver
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time needed to install updates?
11/06/17 at 09:22:28
How much time to install upgrades...... to do upgrade?  Hours?  
We are on version 2004.1 w/8-2012 ISTECH update  and would like to upgrade to the latest. DBA/Evo 2017.2 Update Released.   We have Windows Server 2008 and  (9) workstations.   How long should this take?   I would like to do it late in the afternoon but I am afraid I would run out of time and not be able to get tech help from Pacific Time.  
I am hoping I can do this in 2 or 3 hours?
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Laura D. Oliver
version 2004.1 w/8-2012 ISTECH update
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Birmingham, Alabama
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Re: time needed to install updates?
Reply #1 - 11/06/17 at 10:28:27
2-3 hours seems aggressive, especially given how far back your version goes. A lot of large tables are going to have to be rebuilt/reindexed. Also the most recent update will automatically archive closed SOs and WOs so if that is something you don't do regularly it is going to add A LOT of time. I knew about the SOs prior to installing so I archived chunks of those slowly over the course of a few evenings prior to updating but I didn't know about the WOs. The last update took me about 6 hours (and we were current on version to that point).
Save your self some time by archiving all closed SOs and WOs through the end of 2016 before installing. Even doing this though I would think it is going to take at least 6-7 hours with the tables that have to be touched. I should note my time was based on me doing it from my PC in my office on a Saturday. I didn't install directly on the server so that would have shortened it up a bit if I did.
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Re: time needed to install updates?
Reply #2 - 11/06/17 at 16:16:10
It's always difficult to make a guess as to how long a update will take as there are many factors that can prolong a update. Hardware, the amount of  data you have in the system, how regularly you keep up with updates. I agree with btaylor, in that 2-3 hours is aggressive seeing as how you are on a much older ISTECH update and you missed some updates that restructured some pretty big files, throw in the mix the archiving that this latest update does and it can be a long one. I would recommend you do not update during the week and instead choose to do it on a Friday afternoon after everyone has left or even on a weekend. Make sure you make a full backup of the DBAMFG or EVO folder before you start, make sure users are not in the system. Of coarse you can also if you are interested contact ISTECH and they can for a fee update your system for you.
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