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02/21/18 at 04:16:08
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Print a # of characters of a field. (Read 88 times)
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Print a # of characters of a field.
01/16/18 at 16:16:25
Is there a way in a report to print part of a field. I'm printing out bits of our userdefined fields (MTIC.PROD.SUBST[2] or 3, 4, 5, etc) and some of the fields contain more than one data field. Is there a way to print for example characters 4-6 out of the 100 characters of the field?
I should also ask, is there documentation for the Report designer? I feel this question should be answered somewhere already.
Thanks much...
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Re: Print a # of characters of a field.
Reply #1 - 01/17/18 at 08:37:41
There is not a way the RTM editor can define a substring of a field.  That has to be defined within the program.  The Inventory User Defined fields defined in SM-P-E have field names UDFI1 through UDFI30 based on the UDF number but not every report has these fields defined.  Sales documents such as acknowledgements and invoices do but not every report.  If you need it in some other report email me and we can add it.
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