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01/23/18 at 14:35:20
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Chocolate for Cathy (Read 3689 times)

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Chocolate for Cathy
10/22/09 at 19:46:04
Cathyh from Wing Inflatables has been sent a Ghiradelli Chocolate tower from www.winecountrygiftbaskets.com in appreciation of the effort helping us isolate the sporadic problem with zeroing out inventory.  THANK YOU CATHY!!!!  We would have spent months finding it without you!
Oh...  I hope you like chocolate but it seemed a safe bet...
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Lynn Pantic
IS Tech Support
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Re: Chocolate for Cathy
Reply #1 - 10/23/09 at 07:35:56
Oh I do love choccolate, no worries!
I guess not letting go of an issue until you figure out the what's and why's can be a good thing (some of my family and friends would argue the point).  
I am really glad I don't have to run that sequence of events in Evo any more!
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Cathy Hamilton
Wing Inflatables, Inc.
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